Farm and Large Animal Services

We provide a service tailored to meet you and your business’ needs. Our aim is to work as a partnership with the farmer to improve health and welfare with productivity always in mind. We work with local farms on a day to day basis providing routine health visits, fertility and much more. We also have a full time pig vet as part of the team, covering a large area extending out of the county.

We offer a dedicated 24 hour emergency service with full access to all of our services as standard, either on farm or in the practice. We work closely with outside agencies, such as the AHVLA and DEFRA to ensure that we can provide the most up to date advice and service.



Just some of the services we offer…

  • A personal and tailored service
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Routine health and fertility visits
  • Preventative health advice
  • Herd health planning
  • TB testing
  • Routine ambulatory calls (including castration, dehorning etc)
  • In house laboratory
  • Access to referral laboratory when required
  • Dedicated pig service
  • Game bird services


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